The Ongoing Huckabee Surge! Why Huckabee is Very Electable!


I like Mike, but I just don’t see how he can win so I may support…   This was the song sung by many true conservatives a few months back.  But the time has come for a new song.  And the new song is, “Huckabee is Very Electable!”  There are still some who are not yet ready to join the choir, but the throng singing has gotten bigger and louder every day.  Those admitting that Huckabee is actualy electable now amount to a mass choir with a full voice orcrastra instead of just a small praise team with a keyboard and drums.  Yes, even some political pundits who had said that Huck didn’t have a “prayer” now say he is in fact a major surprise.  By the way, what do many of those guys know about the power of “prayer” anyway.  Huckabee had a “prayer” all along. In fact he had many of them offered up for him and he still does.  And as it turns out, that is all he needed and now he has traction and momentum like crazy.  Just watch the video below for evidence. 

The fact is, Huckabee has always been electable.  Some just didn’t see it or believe until lately.  I could spend a lot of time on this point but it is impolite to say, “I told you so.”  So I would just say that Christians of all people should remember that with God all things are possible.  This is not just some line.  It is true, and we should be ashamed when we forget it.  Huckabee has always had a chance because a sovereign all powerful God has always been on His throne. 

Furthermore, humanly speaking, Huckabee has always been viable in my mind because he truly is a superior candidate and all he needed was time to keep getting his message out.  There are still many more who would love him if they only knew of him.  These are those who are less political and less informed.  They don’t listen to talk radio or watch Fox news or blog on line.  They may be older voters who are very conservative and are disturbed about the moral tail spin our nation seems to be in.  They by now may have heard of Huckabee, but they don’t know what he stands for.  But as the election progresses and the TV adds begin to come out, and the emails from enthusiastic friends spread like a prairie fire, Huckabee’s support will only swell and grow as it has trended all along.  The road to the White House for Huckabee, in my mind has always been increase visibility, leads to increased viability, leads to increased victory, state by state.  For many conservative Christians, to be introduced to him, is to love him.  He is that kind of candidate, and finding more of those who will love him is not hard at all. 

So, I am singing a song of hope for the man from Hope.  This is not the wishy washy hope that people today think of, that is somewhat unrealistic wishful thinking.  Unfortunately the word hope in our modern English vocabulary has that kind of negative spin to it.  No, the song of hope that I am singing is the biblical hope that is from the Greek word ”elpid” which actualy means “assured confidence”.  I have assured confidence that Huckabee CAN win.  Now I am no prophet and I don’t claim to know that he will win yet.  But I am very confident that he can.

Watch This Short But Great Video Below To See The Facts Of Huckabee’s Momentum For Yourself. 

Also, check out this compeling comparision of Huckabee to Hillary. 

According to a November poll by Rasmussen, Mike Huckabee fairs better against Hillary Clinton than Rudy or Fred.  Also one should take in the nature of the electoral college and consider how strong Mike Huckabee will likely do in the South in the Bible Belt and in the Mid-West!  Clink The Link Above To See How These Numbers Were Calculated

Many pro-life conservatives and Evangelicals would have a hard time supporting Rudy in a general election while Huckabee would bring Arkansas instead of it possibly going to Clinton.  The same is certainly true of other key pro-life states. 

Also in Arkansas, Huckabee had huge support from Christian African-American voters who traditionaly had alined themselves with the Democratic Party.  A Huckabee general election campaign would very likely cut deeply into the Democratic voting block of Christian African-Americans nation wide as well.  Something no other Republican has done near as succesfuly as Huckabee and in a state that gave us Bill Clinton. 

All of the above factors should be considered when one ask if Huckabee is electable.  From the facts, I say it is clear.  You bet Huckabee is electable.  He is electable in the primary and he is more electable than other Republicans in the general election too!



  2. A vote for Huckabee in the primary is a vote for Hillary (or whomever the Dems might throw up) in the general. Sadly, the evangelicals are being played for “useful idiots” on this one.

    Dems love Huckabee for his numerous faults and oddities, have taken an official “hands off” approach on him (explaining in part his popularity surge), and view him as an “easy kill”. Little wonder.

    By comparison, they are piling on the rest of the field. See Matt Drudge Report, 12/12/07.

  3. Here’s some Democratic glee on the upcoming trainwreck that would be the Huckabee nomination.


  4. Hucka- bye bye


  5. Huckabee is so electable that Pastor Haisty’s web-site has collected a whopping $3,600.00. Praise the Lord! Everyone is falling over themselves after this “Conservative”. He represents all what Evangelicals stand for. Magic happens, and will happen, folks. Just wait and see. Huckabee will be the nominee come GOP Convention time.

  6. Huckleberry cut a deal with McLame, fend off Romney and I’ll toss you a bone if I get elected.

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