Videos Showing Romney’s Double Flip Flops

Romney Flip Flop Fliped Again on Abortion

  1. Romney was pro-life when considering running for Gov. of Utah.
  2. Romney was pro-choice when running for U. S. Senate & later for Gov. of Massachusetts.
  3. Now Romney is again pro-life running for President.

 Back in the race for the U. S. Senate in Mass., Ted Kennedy said that Romney is not anti-choice, or pro-choice, but multiple-choice!  But he has changed his mind since.  Which conversion should we trust?

Don’t be deceived, in reality, Romney is not a man of conviction who is pro-life, he is just pro-Romney! 

 Watch the following videos to see for yourself!


Romney Flip Flop on Taxes & Ronald Regan

Romney Puts Down Newts Gingrich Conservative Contract With America


Romney Unbelievable Flip Flop He Is Not Loyal Republican Endorsed By Liberal Democrat


Romney Flip Flop on Gay Marriage

Romney Flip Flop on Gun Control


Click Here To See Chart Of Romney’s Changes On Moral Issues:  He Is Really Scary

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And See What Pro-life and Anti-Gay Marriage Advocates In Massachusetts Say About Their Gov. Mitt Romney! 

They Abundant Documentation And Records of Flip Flops on Abortion, Homosexuality, Gun Control, and Taxes  Do Your Homework and Get The Truth! 

No Christian Should Ever Vote For Mitt Romney!

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