Take Part Now In The 4 X 4 Plan And Help Raise $1 Million By Dec. 4!

Can you give $4.00 ?  Can you contanct 4 friends who will support Mike Huckabee?  If so, you can help us raise over $ 1 Mill. in 10 days by Dec. 4th for Mike Hukcabee 4 President. 

We are set to launch the plan begining the day after Thanksgiving, Friday Nov. 23rd.  In 10 days not counting Sundays, we are attempting to raise over ONE MILLION DOLLARS simply by having people commit to give at least $4.00 and contact 4 friends.  

Sound impossible?  Look over the pdf attachment to see how it can work.  Just click the pdf file below the picture to see for yourself.  Afterward save the pdf file and then send it as an attachment to your email contacts to get them involved in The 4 X 4 Plan too!  Or if you already recieved an email from a friend that brought you hear, just foward the email you already have to 4 or MORE friends.  It is that easy to help Huckabee raise over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just 10 days! 




GIVE NOW through The 4 X 4 Plan.  Click HERE to participate by giving $4.oo or more to the Mike Huckabee campaign through The 4 X 4 Plan.   

After you register your participation in The 4 X 4 Plan, when you submit the dollar amount that you intend to give, you will be directed to the offcial campaign website at mikehuckabee.com to make your donation there on line.  When at the official site, at step #5, be sure and type in the number 178 in the donation or event code to help us keep up with our progress at the official Huckabee site too.

Everyone can do a little, that will mean a lot!

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  1. You wound up only $997,000 short of your goal.

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