Something Exciting Is Growing In California!

January 16, 2008

A new grassroots organization is forming in California as a part of the national effort to elect Mike Huckabee.


The Mike Huckabee California Coalition for Faith and Family Values…

…is a growing grassroots network of pastors and similar leaders along with Christians from all over the state of California.  Similar state wide coalitions are forming from accross the country.  The California Coalition as well as those from other states are a part of the larger national Mike Huckabee Coalition for Faith and Family Values that was formed back in November 2007.  Click below to join or learn more about the Coalition.



  1. Are we going to let Romney “BUY” the nomination? It just seems so unfair to me that he should have that advantage. Please help Mike compete effectively by donating to his campaign fund here: (copy & paste)


    I have already given $100. but will match the next contribution of $25. given to Ranger Donor Code R6119, so that will double your contribution!

    Better yet, remember that our Government will soon be giving us at least $300 rebate so consider giving a % of that upfront.

    Also all you Rangers out there please take advantage of the phonebank & respectfully call at least 5 Florida residents THIS WEEKEND.

    And please remember to Pray, Pray, Pray for God’s will to be done.

  2. Oh, it is so unfair the Mitt Romney has been able to make money and can spend it however he wants.

    Heaven knows Shmuckabee could have done the same thing… well maybe not. Pass the collection plate or put the stolen furniture from the Arkansas Govenor’s mansion up on e-bay. Maybe he could raise some more taxes like he did in Arkansas.

    Maybe Mitt Romney has been blessed by God for his good life. (not possible, I know, he’s a mormon after all.)

    The sad thing is, Smuck has no chance to win, but he will allow McLame to win. Just what we need in the White house, a liberal adulterer. But I guess that doen’t matter as long as he accepts Jesus. What beautiful doctrine. It warms my heart.

  3. I want to know something as a Born-Again Conservative Christian. If Mike Huckabee is such an honest Christian full of integrity, why does Mike Huckabee’s blog site edit out any and all negative posts? Why can’t we as American’s have an honest, open and UNEDITED discussion about his candidacy? What is Mr. Huckabee trying to hide? I can not believe the number of sheep falling for this wolf in shepherd’s clothing. I do not trust this man from the debts of my spirit filled heart and I will not vote for him EVER. Not as President nor as anyone’s VP (listen up McCain). I have NEVER voted democrat in any election and if the Huckster cons his way onto any ticket, I will switch my vote to the other side or just stay home and watch this country fall further from God.

  4. This is in response to Ed’s comment on Feb 5th.
    Yes, Romney is entitled to spend his money any way he wants, but then so should others who want to support Huckabee or anyone else (they should not be limited to $2,300.) Newt Gingrich explains it better below:

    A Final Note on McCain-Feingold

    You’ve heard me say it before: The McCain-Feingold censorship law should be repealed.

    It has actually made politics more focused on money.

    One presidential candidate told me Saturday that I was right about the focus on money and that he had done 68 fundraisers in the last month.

    And the very idea of limiting free speech is not only unconstitutional, it’s un-American.

    I have no problem with wealthy Americans spending millions of their own money if their middle-class opponents can raise the same size contributions from their supporters.

    I object deeply, however, to a system that makes it almost impossible for middle-class candidates to raise money and that is rapidly moving us towards a plutocracy in which only the rich can compete for office.

    This cycle’s presidential campaign is a year longer than it should be because of the terrible burdens on fund raising created by McCain-Feingold.

    We need a simple system that says Americans can spend any amount of their after-tax income they want as long as campaigns reports each night every check that was deposited that day on the Internet so the country knows where the money is coming from.

    That would be transparent, simple and fair.

    It would shorten campaigns.

    It would level the playing field between the rich and the middle class.

    It would allow candidates to return to studying issues and thinking deeply about policies instead of exhausting themselves begging for money three or four times a day, seven days a week.

    The simple act of repealing McCain-Feingold and replacing it with that straightforward, transparent system of reporting would make our politics healthier and more idea oriented in a matter of weeks.

    In that world, it would be possible to both work with a solutions based organization seeking solutions and be a candidate for public office.

    Newt Gingrich

    PS: Ed~ Do you have any proof of your “Stolen Furniture” charge?

  5. Sherry

    The information you provided on Newt Gingrich’s call to repeal McCain-Feingold was great. I think he hit the nail on the head and am I greatful that you shared this.

    Pastor Sherwood

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