Are Christians Bigots… Part II

December 14, 2007

I feel sure that many Mormons who have read this blog believe that I am bearing false witness against Mormons.  They may feel attacked, and they may feel as though I somehow hate Mormons.  Some probably feel that I am spreading lies about their faith.  I have gotten a few email that said that.  If I thought I were spreading lies or attacking people or just being plain hateful, I would stop, and repent, and apologize.  That would be wrong, terribly wrong of me or anyone else.  We are commanded to speak the truth in love.  If I thought that I were not being truthful I would stop, repent and apologize.  If I thought that I were not being loving, I also would also stop, repent, and apologize. 

Some may not think I am loving.  But I do not consider Mormons my enemy.  Mitt Romney is not my enemy either.  I do not hate Mormons nor do I hate Mitt.  I have had Mormon people in my home, offered them juice, and heard them, and patiently had dialog about our beliefs.  Every time that I have met with a Mormon missionary, I have tried to be respectful and courteous, and have felt they treated me in like kind.  We have disagreed each time, but I invited them to pray as they would, and I have prayed as well, without any pretense about what I believe about the validity of the others prayers on my part, but yet with respect. 

I believe that it is not really possible to love someone if you do not tell them the truth.  If I believe that Mormonism is a false cult, and that nice Mormon people are simply deceived by the heretical writings of Joseph Smith, if I believe that, then it would be unloving to my Mormon neighbors to not try to expose Mormonism for what it is, or at least for what I believe it to be.  I know that I will be misunderstood by many Mormons for doing this.  But I should love my Mormon neighbors more than I desire to have them like me.  If I wanted to avoid having people call me bigot or think I am intolerant, and if I loved myself more than I love my Mormon neighbors, I would just not worry about the whole thing about what Mormonism teaches.  I would not call it a cult.  Who likes someone who calls someone else’s religion a cult?  Why expose myself to attack.? Why should anyone bother with it if he doesn’t love others and he believes he is telling them the truth.  I know that there are others who could say things out of a motive for hate, but it is not that way for me.  It is because I believe that I am speaking the truth.  If I did not clearly speak the truth at least as I understand it, I would not love you as I should.  If I really love my Mormon neighbors or others who might one day in the future be deceived by Mormonism, I must speak what I believe to be the truth about Mormonism.

When it comes to Mitt Romney, I do not want to become his enemy either.  I have offered prayers for Mitt Romney.  My concern that I have expressed about why Christians should not vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon is not to put down Mormons as some kind of second rate class of people.  I don’t think that way about Mormon people.  We have a lot of things in common.  Most Mormons that I have met are conservatives and Republican.  I like most conservatives and Republicans.  I like most Mormons too.  I have liked what Senator Orin Hatch has stood for over the years.  There is much to like about Mormon people and that is not the issue with me at all.  The reason that I am saying to other Evangelicals and Christians that I do not believe that they should support or vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon is not rooted in just some sort of bigoted hate for Mormons.  It is not.  I simply believe that if Mitt Romney were elected President, that it would be different than having someone elected as a Senator or Representative from some state.  The Presidency is extremely visible.  The President is a national celebrity.  I honestly believe that if Mitt Romney were elected President, - and partly because he is a like-able guy with a good family- he would become a good national and global “poster-child” for Mormonism.  Especially if he did a good job as President and were very popular.  By “poster-child” I do not mean that he from the White House would seek to promote Mormonism, but that Mormon missionaries worldwide would have a “poster child” that they would be able to point to.  Mitt Romney being elected President, would in itself lend a great deal of credibility to Mormonism.  

If I believed that Mormonism was just a different Christian denomination and that all true Mormons would go to heaven, then I would have no problem with Romney being a “poster child” that would further promote Mormonism.  But if I believe Mormonism is a counterfeit cult that leads people to hell, and that a Romney election would promote a religion that would deceive even more, then how can I in good conscience support Romney.  It simply boils down really to just two questions here.  One do I believe a vote for Romney would possibly be good for Mormonism? and two, do I believe Mormonism to be good for people?  I answer both questions with a no.  So I encourage other Christians to not vote for Romney on the basis that he is a Mormon.  

I don’t hate Mormons.  I am just trying to be as honest as I can here out of love.  If anyone wishes to call be a bigot, I love you enough to bear it and I know that I am just misunderstood and that is okay.  I am really not offended and I do not hold a grudge.  The truth is more important than me, and your hearing the truth is more important than me too.  Who am I that I should try to win a popularity contest.  I just need to speak the truth in love and leave the rest to God.

Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts on the matter.

Your friend and a bond-servant in Christ,

Sherwood E. Haisty, Jr.   


  1. I certainly feel that you are being sincere in your writing, so i hope you understand that i am trying to be sincere in my response.

    Not voting for Romney simply because you feel it will cast Mormonism in a good light is, in my opinion, a bigoted action.

    You say these are the questions it boils down to:
    One, do I believe a vote for Romney would possibly be good for Mormonism? and two, do I believe Mormonism to be good for people?

    I have a question for you: Why is the most important factor in your vote helping or hurting the Mormon people? This is most important factor America is facing right now? This is more important than religious freedom? Than freedom of speech? Than national security? Than the constitution?

    Allow me to rephrase your statement …
    One, do I believe a vote for Obama would possibly be good for the black community? and two, do I believe being black to be good for people?

    You may rationalize that your bigotry is rational, reasonable, or cast in a light of ‘truth’, and therefore not offensive or wrong, but these logical leaps do not change the fact that your rational is based on a bias.

    I find this websites entire premise to be patently unamerican. I’m curious how many of you pastors that are supporting Huckabee are planning on losing your tax-exempt status for breaking the law and promoting a political candidate … especially when most of your ‘promotion’ involves loudly denouncing another faith.

    Let Mormons speak for themselves. Don’t try to tell me what I believe because you don’t know what I believe. Don’t twist my beliefs to sound strange. Preach from the Bible, build people up, and help people come to Christ, wherever they find him.


  2. Greg
    Thank you for your sincere and honest responce. You asked a good question and I would like to clarify and answer it honestly as well. Your question was…

    I have a question for you: Why is the most important factor in your vote helping or hurting the Mormon people? This is most important factor America is facing right now? This is more important than religious freedom? Than freedom of speech? Than national security? Than the constitution?

    I understand how you might feel that what I am saying is about, as you put it, “helping or hurting the Mormon people.” I do not want to hurt the Mormon people as individuals or as a people. Let me explain. I make a distinction between Mormon people and the Mormon faith. Do I wish to oppose the Mormon faith? Yes, very much so. Do I understand that Mormon people who believe the Mormon faith will feel that I want to hurt them? I suppose so, I think you have interpreted my intentions that way. But I do not want to hurt you but to help you. I don’t mean to be condesending at all here. You already understand that I believe that Mormonism is a false religion, right? Now I admit in theory I could be wrong. But if I am right about Mormonism being false, then I should want to help the people who are decieved by Mormonism so that they will join others who I have known who have had their eyes opened and left Mormonism to turn to biblical Christianity.

    The logic is like this. If a group of people had small pox, I would want to treat their small pox and also try to retard its growth as it is being spread to other victoms. It is not that I want to hurt the victums. I pray to see them cured. But I want to resist the spread of small pox so that there will not be more new victoms. The most helpful and loving thing I can do is fight small pox. It is the best thing I can do for those who have already been infected by it, and for those who might possibly get infected one day. I am not trying to hurt the infected just help them.

    Now I know that many Mormons will likely take offense here again. But I am being honest here. I believe Mormon people have been decieved -like being infected with small pox- and I believe the spread of the deception is detrimental to others - like the spread of small pox would be to others health. I believe that with the battle of ideas with words, I should oppose and fight Mormonism on any front for the good of the decieved and those who would be decieved in the future -just like it would be an act of mercy and charity to oppose and fight small pox as a desease. I do not see this has trying to put down or hurt the Mormon people. It is not like a racism thing. A person can not choose the color of his or her skin, but we can be decevied by a religion that is false.

    If I may ask a seperate question. Do you consider the Jehovah’s Wittness to be a false cult? Do you believe that David Koresh was a cult leader and that the Branch Davidians were a false cult. You remember that these were the ones who died in Waco. How about Jim Jones, was he a cult leader of a false cult?

    Now, ask yourself, what is the most loving thing you can do in regard to someone in one of these groups? Should you smile and say that they are a fellow Christian and that their beliefs are okay? Can you somehow find a way to love them in such away to try to seek their liberation from their deception? Would you support things that would promote their deceptive belief to others? We may do things different here, but I think you can at least see the motivations that we should have. We would not want to hurt the people but help them and prevent others from being hurt as much as possible within the bounds of respecting individual freedom.

    I hope this helps explain my thoughts some more.

  3. Great response Greg! I wonder how many members of Mr. Hasty’s church would stand behind what Mr. Hasty says. After reading through this web site I wonder if its leaders are more closely aligned to a Christian Church or the Taliban. Maybe one good thing to come out of this election is for people like Mr. Hasty to be exposed for who they are. False prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing.

  4. I can not support Mike Huckabee because he pardoned over a 1000 people many were pardoned primarily because of their church affiliation, had 116 ethics violation investigations as Gov. of Arkansas, and raised taxes over 60%. You argue that Mitt Romney is no Christian, I argue that Mike Huckabee is no republican.

  5. I realize that you feel you are called to help the Mormons, but I hope you understand that this is a religious calling, and as long as this still America and not Afghanistan, our politicians are NOT here to fulfill religious callings.

    Guess what? Most faithful people think that their faith is ‘true.’ I don’t consider the Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a false cult. They interpret the Bible very differently than I do, but I respect their right to practice their faith as they choose. That’s what we do in America. Also, i don’t try to belittle their faith and say: “what you belong to is a cult, as opposed to what i believe, which is of course not cult, but a ‘true faith’.”

    While I agree that bias against religion is not the exactly the same thing as bias against skin color, they are both illegitimate reasons to say ‘I won’t vote for someone’. Especially to say, ‘I might have no problem with the candidate, but electing him might cause others to not view his faith in the negative light I’m trying to cast on it, therefore I’m going to vote for someone who understands the Bible the same way I do.’

    Also, something for you to think about while you bash the faith of a Mormon running for office … if this precedent is set by the Baptists in the primary election, you’re going to have nothing to complain about when the Democrats raise questions about Huckabee’s beliefs in the general election. What happens when the Democrats get his sermons? Why shouldn’t they be talked about, after this primary campaign? While Huckabee’s stand on creationism and evolution may play well in Texas … I’m not sure how much it will help in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He’ll have a hard time saying, my faith shouldn’t be part of this election after this whisper campaign.

    As for your comparisons of voting for Romney to being like voting for Koresh or Jones … I’m sure that I and many other people could find political policy to disagree on before I had to worry about 1) personally voting for them or, far FAR worse in my opinion … 2) to decide that I should use my power as a church leader to convince others that is was their religious duty not to vote for them.