Discover The 4 X 4 Plan To Raise $1 Million By Dec. 4

November 19, 2007

Can you give $4.00 ?  Can you contact 4 friends who will support Huckabee?  If so, you can help us raise over $ 1 Mill in 10 days by Dec. 4th. 


Click Here To Discover And Take Part In The 4 X 4 PLAN! 

Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving we will implement the 4 X 4 plan nation wide for 10 working days.  Join us and help us raise over $1 Mill by Dec. 4th for Mike Huckabee for President.

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  1. What are Evangelicals doing? Stop the hate. Stop the anti-Mormonism. It is rampant among your people. Stop the anti-semitic feelings. Are you not ashamed, is this America or Germany circa 1930’s?

    Watch this before you vote:


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