Who Said, “It Is Always Impolite To Point?” … The Need For Pastors To Be Pointed This Election Season And Openly Endorse Mike Huckabee

November 16, 2007

Who said, “It is always impolite to point?”  It all depends on what your pointing out, or if you are pointing in the right direction.  This election, I believe it is high time that my fellow pastors be like a bird dog upon a cubby of quail.  It is time for them to get to pointing.  The stakes are too high to be ambiguous much less silent.  The point of their finger is desperately needed.

Adrian Rogers, Former Pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church and 3 Time President of the Southern Baptist ConventionIt was Adrian Rogers who I heard once quote Vance Havner as having said, “We preachers have learned the art of how to almost say something.”  Ouch!  He was right.  We have learned how not to point.  We have learned to be comfortably unclear.  What is needed is courage.  When a matter of weight and significance is at hand, we need men to have a point, get to the point, make a point, and be clearly pointed about the point they are making.  If pastors are not willing to do this, then one may rightly ask, “Then what’s the point anyway.” 

It is not always impolite to point.  If you point out a man’s sins to him and you point out to him his need for Christ, then that is a good time to point.  If you point to Calvary or to the empty tomb and compel people to behold, that is certainly a good time to point.  If you point in order to direct people to Christ by showing them the way of salvation, that is a good time to point.  If you point at a lost man, and call upon him to repent and trust Christ, that is a good time to point.  If you point to the Word of God as our sole perfect authority for all matters of faith and conduct, then that is a good time to point.  If you point out anything that the Bible teaches and you draw men to glare at the truths contained in its pages, then that is a good time to point.  If you point to Christians and tell them that they have a responsibility in this world to endeavor to win the lost to Christ, then that is a good time to point.  If you point out that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is an abomination, then that it is also a good time to point.  If you are in a nation in which revival is needed, in which reformation is needed, in which sin that used to slink down back alleys is now strutting proudly down Main Street, and there is pending judgment coming from a holy God, if you point that out, then that too is a good time to point. 

Now the way I see it.  If you believe that every Christian in America has a stewardship as each one sitting on a huge board of directors in a wonderful and splendid institution.  That institution in which every American sits on the board is none other than the government of the United States of America.  President Ronald Wilson ReaganIf you were to recognize that the institution that your Christian brothers and sisters had a voice, had executive oversight over, and had the weight and responsibility of voting, and you dared to point out some things, then that would be a good time to point.  I would also say this, if you get real pointed here, and say that on this board on which your brothers and sisters sit, that they have to choose a President, and the morals, values, and convictions, of those who could be chosen were drastically different, it would be a good thing to point that out too.  It would be good to point and say this man over here is not the one we should choose.  It would be good to stop and point and say, after I have considered all of the options, it would seem that to choose this man over here is the wisest and best choice that we can make.  Again I think it would be a very good thing to be pointed here.  As a matter of fact, to point clearly here would be most helpful to others it would seem. 

I can’t image any scenario where a preacher would feel that he should not point, if the issue at hand were important.  I guess I am just the pointing type.  However it stands to reason that if pastors study and know the Word of God, if they cultivate a discerning mind, and hopefully grow in wisdom, if pastors are responsible and accountable for what they do with the insights that God has given them, it just seems that pastors of all people should point.  They should point clearly and unapologetically about anything and everything that comes their way.  This would include a Presidential election to be sure.

So I am pointing this election.  I am not unfamiliar with Mike Huckabee.  I have watched him a long time.  In my mind, the other candidates are much less desirable than Gov. Huckabee and so I am pointing.  I am pointing out Gov. Huckabee to others who have not come to know of him or his candidacy.  I am pointing out the differences between Mike Huckabee and the other top tier candidates in the Republican primary.  And I am unapologetically pointing to Mike Huckabee and saying that I believe that he is by far the wisest and best choice for President of the United States of America. 

Oh yeah, I am being pointed about at least one other thing this election.  I am pointing to you my fellow pastors, and I am urging you to get very pointed this election also because the stakes are too high to be ambiguous much less silent.  Who said, “It is always impolite to point?”

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